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Linked Matter supports model driven development for designers with the new Imvertor SaaS product.
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Information Models

Linked Matter provides solutions to create and manage information models.

The Imvertor Open Source concept make sit easy to manage information models

Model Driven

Imvertor supports model driven development bases on information models in UML.

Read more about the Imvertor SaaS services to easily manage UML models

Compliancy testing

Perform Compliancy tests based on UML information models

Have third parties test their applications against your information models


Generate documentation and schema's from UML information models

XML and JSON schemas, documentation can be generated using Imvertor

Need any help with information models?

Linked Matter offers an “Imvertor startup service” for organisations that want to professionalize their information design flow. Contact us for more information.

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Why use Imvertor?

Imvertor helps to solve problems in development of complex software interface than span organisational borders.

Why use Imvertor?
What is Imvertor?

Imvertor is a chain processor. Users may choose a model and configure Imvertor to create the desired output, for example: HTML documentation, reporting, XSD and JSON schema’s and more.

What is Imvertor?
How can you use Imvertor?

Imvertor runs as a server application, which is easily accessed using either Enterprise Architect add-in or the Imvertor SaaS dashboard.

How can I use Imvertor SaaS

Imvertor supports complex software development


Imvertor allows any model to be validated. The rules of validation are leveraged: depending on the metamodel, usage, or any other criteria.


Imvertor helps to manage dependency of models, throughout the chain of conceptual, logical and physical models.


Imvertor takes the information recorded in the model, and applies any type of transformation rules to create any type of product.

Model driven development

Imvertor is built by users. It is a tool that allows users to create and manage large interrelated sets of models.

Organisations using Imvertor