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Imvertor SaaS

Imvertor is an open source concept to support automatic generation of schema’s and documentation for UML information models.  Linked Matter offers support for Imvertor users with a software-as-a-service (SaaS). The Imvertor SaaS offers a dashboard, compliancy and regression test facilities and integration in Enterprise Architect.

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Why Imvertor?

Why is Imvertor important? What problems does it solves?

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What is Imvertor?

Imvertor is a chain processor.

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How can I use Imvertor?

How is Imvertor accessed? Imvertor is as a server application.

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About Imvertor

Who are behind Imvertor?

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Need any help with information models?

Linked Matter offers an “Imvertor startup service” for organisations that want to professionalize their information design flow. Contact us for more information.

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Imvertor Open Source and Imvertor SaaS

Imvertor SaaS offers additional value to corporate users of Imvertor open source software

Features Imvertor Open Source Imvertor SaaS
Upload UML diagrams
Generate XML schemas
Generate documentation
Enterprise Architect plugin
Extended generation options
Compliancy & Regression tests
Always up-to-date SaaS service

Current users of Imvertor

Organisations using Imvertor